Waist training hurts! (and other myths)

According to Google, searches for “waist cinchers” and “waist training” have more than doubled in the last year, thanks in part to endorsements from celebrities, including Jessica Alba and Khloe Kardashian, who claim that these products are the secret to their toned physiques. And around the world, women are recording their journeys as they train their waists in photos posted to social media channels, including Instagram where 100,000’s of photographs have used the hashtag #waisttraining.

Whether you’re already waist training, thinking of purchasing a Cinch Corset, horrified by the idea or fascinated by the results, there are a lot of myths around and we would like to dispel them in our Cinch Seven Steps!


Not if you wear the right size which is why we place so much emphasis on getting measured properly! Training your waist will feel a little restrictive to begin with, but of course you will be able to breathe and move around naturally. Wearing the correct size is the most important part of being comfortable in your Cinch. A waist trainer like ours that is made with the highest quality materials and modern design which will not hurt your skin when fitted to your body uniquely and worn for the correct amount of time each day (we recommend a maximum of six hours per day).


Well can’t overdoing everything harm your body? Even drinking too much of our essential water can be bad for your health! Our strong advice here is CORSET WEARING IN MODERATION, and to ensure you measure your waist properly before you order or purchase your Cinch Corset. And dont be tempted to buy a cheap version – they are cheap for a reason. They are often badly made, ill fitting and can cause damage if used incorrectly. Our advice is to wear the right size for your body (see our sizing guide in the ordering section), and wear your corset for no longer than six hours per day. You can get into difficulty if you wear a corset that is too small and you wear it for too long – like anything, overdo it and an imbalance follows.

If you wear your Cinch Corset correctly you will benefit from many positive benefits such as looking great, felling great as a result of that, support resulting in good posture and reducing back pain. Compare this to wearing high heels, which throw off your posture, hinder movement and balance, and can permanently shorten the Achilles tendon if worn daily!

Used in moderation, following our guidelines, your body should be just fine whilst wearing your Cinch.


Of course we don’t recommend wearing a waist training corset during pregnancy – but wearing it post-pregnancy can help your waist and shape return to normal much quicker than it would without a Cinch, by supporting your back and abs and getting rid of extra fluids. With your doctors approval, you can wear one post surgery or postpartum. Celebrities like Jessica Alba have recently admitted that this was the key to achieving their pre-baby figure safely and in good time, after giving birth.



Some people say waist training doesn’t create lasting results – well just follow our Facebook Page and you can see for yourself that the change in silhouette sticks around even when the corset comes off. Combine working-out with waist training with and you will for-sure see a permanent change to your waist area (and overall body weight and shape). Wearing a corset can kick-start a healthier eating regime, make you look fab in your clothes, whilst all the time working those abs to create a lasting change to the overall torso area.

Granted, if you change nothing about your diet and don’t move more, the results will be more temporary than long-term.

Myth 5

Contrary to the myth, it is perfectly safe to work out while wearing a waist-training corset. Our new Cinch Active Range waist-cinchers will maximize your workout by stimulating thermal activity.  These cinchers add extra compression to your core. The thermal activity speeds up perspiration, so that you sweat out all of those nasty toxins. Our friends at PreCore Studios, Glengormely have even designed a specific workout for Cinch enthusiasts to improve results. Contact Josephine McAllister for more info!


Buy cheap, buy twice…

It is a fact that Cinch Corsets cost more than your bargain-store underwear, but there is a good explanation for that. The very reason for our special design was because of the poor quality we experienced buying waist cinchers online – they are cheap for a reason. When developing Cinch Corsets, we scoured the globe to find the absolute best materials and the highest quality technology in design so that we could share the real joy of a well-fitted quality product with our family, friends and now our customers. However, this is a one-off investment that will pay back in bucket loads of confidence and waist-training results with each and every wear!


One of the biggest myths about waist training is that the corsets will be visible underneath your clothes. Not so! We’ve tested everything from silk tops to body con dresses like the one above, and as you can, our Cinch Corsets are among the most discreet undergarments on the market. We know that the key to the confidence boost isn’t just the fab results – it’s the fact that no-one knows your secret. We are your waist-training best friends and your secret is safe with us!

*Disclaimer: We are experts in waist training, not medical advice. This is not medical advice. Every body is different and will respond differently to waist training. Always check with your doctor before beginning any new diet or body modification regimen.

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