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* 19.99 per month after there after! Can be cancelled at any time’

Soberish Manual

More than 75 recipes to accompany your Soberish lifestyle 

Video and email guidance & information

30 Day Email Support

Access to the WhatsApp group for accountability 




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Sale Price £99.00

* 19.99 per month after there after! Can be cancelled at any time’

Cinch FAST 30 Manual

More than 85 recipes for inspiration

E-Journal & Progress Diary

Cinch Habit Hacker & Tracker E-Document 

Over 30 videos with daily guidance, advice & information

Series of 10 min online work-outs with Fitness Mama

Email Access to the Team

Access to the closed Facebook Group for life

30-day access to the private WhatsApp Group

Monthly Group Zoom Call with coaches (1 hour)

Invitation to events and retreats


Take Both Challenges 




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Sale Price £129.99

* £19.99 per month after there after, can be cancelled at any time’

Cinch FAST 30 Manual

Soberish Manual

More than 75 recipes for inspiration

Over 40 videos with guidance, advice & information

Cinch Habit Hacker & Tracker E-Document 

Series of 10 min online work-outs with Fitness Mama

30 Day Email Support

Access to the closed Cinch Fast 30 Facebook Group for life

30-day access to the private WhatsApp Groups

Monthly Cinch Fast 30 Zoom meeting 


Education into IF

Tell me and I forget, teach me and I
remember, involve me and I learn.”
Benjamin Franklin.
This programme will involve you at
the very core, granting you access to
a whole new world into how the
body stores and burns fat, and how
you can tap into this process in a
healthy, sustainable way. You will
also learn why consuming a whole
food diet can benefit every other
area of your life.

Day-By-Day System

Our bespoke approach to weightloss will walk you through your
journey one day at a time. You will
take a gradual approach, lead by
you, listening to your body which
will take a daily step towards your
goal. You will enter a new lifestyle
which you will love and will help
you to live a happy, healthy IF life
free of excess weight and a whole
new world of wellbeing.

Accountability & Support

Coming from our own first-hand
experience into weight loss using IF,
we will be your accountability
partner with access to a group of
people who have and are still
undergoing the process and living a
happy IF lifestyle. We will help you
break old habits and form new
healthy ones. We will also help you
understand how your body breaks
down fat and how to maximise this

How Intermittent Fasting MAY Help YOU?


Angela Hunter

& Nicola McIlhagger

Founders of the Cinch FAST 30 program.


This duo are passionate about helping you to become the healthiest version of yourself! 


Angela and Nicola’s guidance through the programme will help to support you every step of the way in your Cinch FAST 30 Intermittent Fasting journey. Chat to them through the WhatsApp group, email or closed Facebook group. 

 Meet Our Coach: Lynn Whan

Lynn Whan was one of the very first people to join the Cinch Fast 30 program, and her journey has been nothing short of inspirational. Having lost 45 pounds, Lynn has gained a whole new perspective on life. Her incredible transformation and positive outlook make her an amazing motivator and connector. Known for her exceptional organisational skills, Lynn is now an integral part of the Cinch team, helping with accountability, administration, events, and memberships. Her dedication and enthusiasm ensure that every member receives the support they need to succeed on their own Cinch Fast 30 journey.

 Meet Our Coach: Kelly Corbett

Kelly Corbett is a shining example of the transformative power of the Cinch Fast 30 program. Having personally lost 40 pounds through the program, Kelly understands the journey firsthand. Her success story doesn’t stop there; her husband also joined the program and lost an impressive 3.5 stone. As a coach, Kelly brings her personal experience, empathy, and enthusiasm to support and motivate others on their weight loss journey. She is dedicated to helping clients achieve their goals and transform their lives, just as she and her husband have.

Meet Our Expert: Jill Dumas

Nutritional Therapist & Registered Naturopath 

Jill Dumas, a certified Nutritional Therapist and Naturopath, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Cinch Fast 30. With a deep understanding of the powerful role hormones play in women’s health, Jill has dedicated her career to helping clients achieve remarkable transformations.

Her journey has taken her from London to the vibrant Middle East, and now to Northern Ireland, allowing her to work with diverse clients from around the world. Jill has always been passionate about the impact of our environment on health. 

Jill is a registered Nutritional Therapist (mBANT, mANP) and Naturopath (mGNC). Check her out at