Cinch Corsets is the hottest shapewear brand in the Ireland and the UK. The company sells both online ( and through a number of stockists in Ireland.

The brand has been designed and developed by local County Down women, Angela Hunter and Nicola McIlhagger, who spotted a gap in the market for an excellent quality shape wear item that would give dramatic results without harming the body.

Cinch Corsets are hand-stitched waist-slimming corsets, made using the highest quality, breathable fabrics, designed to support the back, whilst ‘cinching’ in the waist, creating curves and a flat tummy, instantly.

The product is also a slimming tool – the longer the wearer uses the product, the better the results – they can actually reduce inches off their waist.

Cinch Corsets has also recently branched out, offering the absolute best in beauty and fashion that both Angela and Nicola have personally tested and absolutely LOVE!

In the beginning…

ang and nic-Cinch-Corsets.001
The Cinch Corsets story began in January 2015 when friends Nicola McIlhagger and Angela Hunter had spotted a gap in the market for a luxury, well made, comfortable shape-wear garment that created dramatic slimming results both instantly and long-term. Since then, the company has grown exponentially.

Angela had first hand experience in purchasing shape-wear, when, after the birth of her second child, like all mums, had stubborn belly fat that was unflattering and confidence altering. She purchased a very wide variety of shapewear items available on the market in a bid to get rid of her ‘mum tum’. But nothing came close to her experience with a waist training corset…

Angela explains: “It was January 2015, just after Christmas when I purchased a cheap, waist training corset online and showed it to my friend Nicola.

“We were both blown away by the dramatic body shaping results but horrified at the quality and the lack of comfort.

“At the time, the magazines were full of pictures of Kim Kardashian and her famous sisters showing off their amazing corset silhouettes. This got us thinking….

“We couldn’t do anything to improve the fit of the online corset, and we couldn’t find anything better in the shops, either, certainly nothing that was fitted correctly to your correct body size and shape. So we decided to produce an improved design using modern, comfortable and high-end materials.”

The business partners then consulted with a manufacturer to create a product with a stretch fabric that wouldn’t chafe the skin. Then settled down to work with the first bolts of material.

“Within a couple of months we had developed a sample corset that we were both absolutely thrilled with. We showed it to friends and families who placed an order immediately! We had to get to work fast!”

In two short years, the company has gone from strength-to-strength featuring in national newspapers and magazines showing the fantastic results enjoyed by celebrities and lovely ladies alike!

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