Get Fit Get Active….Get your Cinch On!

Seriously ladies, spring has officially sprung! I don’t know about you but I am not feeling the bikini bod just yet!! Time for a serious re-assessment of the summer body plan…

it's Friday

Step 1 Empty the Fridge and cupboards of ALL non nutritious Foods! (that includes the half bar of Dairy Milk lurking at the back!)

Step 2 Stock up on a range of healthy, delicious and highly nutritious ingredients – think fresh fruits, vegetables, natural yoghurt, lean meats


Step 3 Learn to create delicious meals with said ingredients – Google has endless, delicious recipes, just waiting for you to learn and create


Step 4 Buy new gym gear – there is nothing like new gym gear to get you motivated.

active wear

Step 5 Create a weekly activity plan and get moving

Cinch Active Corsets

Step 6 Buy a new Cinch Active Waist Training Corset (comes in pink or purple)


Ha! Easier said than done! Procrastination is the devil when it comes to being organised and finding new habits… our advice, take it slow, don’t take on too much at once and set yourself realistic goals, you’ll feel far better about reaching each goal and be more inclined to push on to the next.

Now, let me get back to the plan, step 1 – 3…No point in committing to using your waist training corset religiously without sorting out the diet, or at least trying to make an effort – we can’t all be perfect all of the time! At Cinch HQ we are believers in the 80/20 rule – 80% off the time we are angelic, healthy and wholesome and 20% off the time…well, we aren’t! Let’s just leave it at that shall we!??

We aren’t nutritionists and nor do we claim to be but as females on the never ending quest for the perfect waist we know a thing or two about what food works for a flat tummy… Here are some of our favourites which can easily be incorporated into your diet…

Green Tea – Get drinking this fat busting tea, it’s known to stimulate your metabolism and accelerate weight loss – the perfect drink to accompany your waist training corset!



Lemon – add it to hot water for your morning beverage or keep it chilled and replace fizzy drinks and juices with lemon water – full of vitamin C and keeps your waist trim and help with that all-important detox.


Cinnamon – Did you know it can help prevent bloating? Ideal for consuming in the run up to a special event where you can wear your waist training corset under your gorgeous LBD and feel extra trim with no bloated tummy! Cinnamon sprinkles on porridge anyone? Or a new favourite of ours is snack pots of fresh fruits, fresh yoghurt on top and a sprinkling of cinnamon – who needs that Dairy Milk?

Cucumber – loads your salads with this green hydrating veg and feel fuller quickly encouraging you to eat less!


Bran – Increase your fibre intake by replacing cereals with bran – it will keep you regular and keep your waist slim complementing your waist training corset.


Dark Chocolate – We all need a little treat – scientists say a little of what you fancy helps keep cravings at bay and may also boost your metabolism! Who says wearing a waist training corset has to be boring?


Step 4 is easy, you don’t need our help or guidance for this one, now where’s the credit card?

Step 5 – Should be fun, don’t be dull and do the same thing day in day our – you’ll only lose the will and it’s no fun – we want to see you at the beach with the dog, training in the park with your friend, hiking up a hill, hitting the gym, taking on the local park run or breaking a sweat in your living room – whatever floats your boat as long as you are wearing your waist training corset and moving! Aim for 3 – 4 times a week for about 45 minutes and you’ll see results within weeks.

lucy evangelista running

Step 6 – click here to order your new Cinch Active Waist Training Corset – it’s that simple – order from this very website from just £39.99…

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At cinch we have a lovely range of waist training corsets ideal for being active – They are fully flexible so you can bend, stretch and move more freely while still retaining all of the waist training benefits of the traditional corset, so at least that makes steps, 5 and 6 all the more appealing! And the added benefit, your waistline will look ab fab whilst working out – showing you just what your body can achieve if you stick to your plan!

Cinch Active Corsets

We want you to be active, we want you be healthy and we want you to wear your cinch waist training corset with pride. You don’t have to hide your corset under your clothes, hit the gym, park, living room or garden with your waist training corset on the outside –we’ve made them in a range of gorgeous colours to suit you all and priced at just £39.99 they are a gorgeous addition to you work out wardrobe.

Cinch Active Corsets

So if you have managed to achieve all this – well done! We are impressed and want to hear all about it! Send us your waist training corset work out pics to info@cinchcorsets.co.uk and lets us get them up on facebook so we can share the passion!

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