Waist Training : Can you Cinch yourself slimmer?

As we flick through the pages of glossy magazines such a Vogue, Marie Claire and Cosmo we look enviably at the flat stomach and ‘cinched’ in waist of celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Lily James and Jessica Alba…we wonder in awe, how do they achieve that hourglass shape? waist-trainer-snooki-khloe-kardashia Answer….a combination of a healthy diet, workouts and waist training corsets! Gemma_G_3_600h So what is this corset trend and what does it involve? Waist trainers the most talked about celebrity trend that can help you look fantastic in your clothes, and if used SAFELY, can actually help you shift pounds and change your body shape. Corsets are not a new phenomenon, women have been wearing corsets for hundreds of years to give them a a cinched in waist and correct their posture. The difference in our modern era is that our corsets are specifically designed to train your waist as well as instantly reduce your waist size. and the very best bit of all, they are super comfortable! 18b3e844e0217ed16f04693022279831 So how do you ensure you waist train safely? Well…like everything, first and foremost, use your common sense… 1) Get the right size for your body – if you wear a corset that is too small for your body and it could damage your body. Consult our sizing chart https://www.cinchfast30.com/size_chart/ and if it arrives and it is too small – return it for the right size 2) Start by wearing your waist training corset for 2 hours for the first day, three the next, and build it up to a maximum for 6-7 hours per day 3) If you have any underlying health issues, contact your doctor before using 4) If it hurts you in any way, or restricts your breathing, remove it. You are most likely wearing the wrong size for your body 5) Don’t wear it if you are pregnant – (of course!) From the moment you slip on the corset you are reducing your waist size by up to 6 inches and the more you wear it the better the results! Taylors get Cinched.003 As mentioned, getting the perfect fit is key so firstly check our size guide or get fitted by one of our team and then decide if you would rather have the everyday corset which is slightly more flexible or the classic corset which is so robustly built but yet remarkably comfortable when on. The latter will demonstrate greater results. Start your routine of wearing your waist slimming corset gradually, and listen to your body. If you feel uncomfortable, loosen or remove the corset immediately – it should never feel too tight, sore or too restrictive. We recommend building up the wear of the corset to between 6/7 hours daily for maximum results. If you have any underlying health issues, please do check with your health physician. The Cinch Corset has many benefits such as aiding weight loss, tightening and improving the tone of the skin on the abdomen area, reduces bloating, improving posture and back pain and minimises appetite and portion size. And the best bit….it also makes you look like you have dropped a dress size instantly, boosting confidence and inspiring a healthier lifestyle. For permanent, long-term results the waist trainer should be used in conjunction with a healthy balanced diet (and drinking lots of water!) and moderate exercise. So what’s stopping you? Jump aboard the waist training bandwagon and say ‘yee haa’ to a cinched in waist and ‘see ya’ to a bloated belly! slimming_corsets_1

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