Loving London!

Good morning everyone, from sunny London! We are here until Friday with the childer doing all the touristy things and it’s fantastic. 👑

How’s everyone finding their half-term week?

Are you away?

At home trying to find ways to entertain the kids, or just sticking to your normal routine? Drop a wee comment below and tell us how you are getting on!

My routine is well and truly out the window, and I for one am finding it very tricky to stick to my normal windows!

But am I stressing?

NO! I am enjoying every second…🥰

But this morning I think I might change things up….🤘

I have enjoyed the novelty of breakfast for the past two mornings, but then I remembered by why I LOVE IF….

It stops me being the greedy person that I am! LOL.🥳 Yesterday, we had brekkie in a local Costa – I had a mushroom and cheese toastie at around 9/9.30am and a milky tea…..(the choices were poor and I didn’t want to make a fuss!)

Then…that was the hunger beast unleashed, like a runaway train! I was now ravenous.😓🤯🤭🫣 I stopped at the Tesco Express on the way to the museum, got a pot of fruit and a couple of wee Danish pastries, just incase (FFS Angela). So, I wolfed the lovely fruit into me on the way to the museum, but in truth, I could have eaten a few more pots and a few more toasties.🤔 (Normally I don’t open my window until about 12/1pm)…

Then we made it to the museum, I loved looking at all the displays, but all I could think about was when we were eating the Danish pastries?

Lol! No joke – it was like they were screaming – “EAT ME” – in my bag. I finally gave in and ate mine at 11am, while my husband just politely declined his – smirking he said, “no, I had breakfast, thanks”.

His eyes said it all.😳 ‘Good for you’ I thought, whilst nearly eating his too then stuffing the brown paper in his mouth.

Then we enjoyed a huge lunch, snack in the afternoon, followed by a huge dinner! 🤪

Augustus Gloop wouldn’t be in it. It was all delicious and I enjoyed every second without remorse – but my guts were aching and I needed a nap in the afternoon to get me through the food coma! 😴🥱

I used to eat like this every day of my life and wonder why I couldn’t lose weight for a decade! 😬

My hunger hormone rules the roost if I don’t teach him who is boss! How do I do that?

By delaying when I eat each day, eating HIGH QUALITY food in my window (stop eating sugary rubbish, Angela) and stopping mindless eating throughout the day!

So…today, I think, by choice, I will go for a wee walk while my family devour their croissant and toastie breakfasts – my guts will thank me for it later. I will enjoy my black coffee, my water and will probably open my Intermittent Fasting window about 11am with something that’s not a mushroom and cheese toastie.

Many people will say, “auk just enjoy it while you are there” – Oh I will – I will just enjoy it in a window – I will do it to save me eating breakfast for 3 people and to stop me being ravenous all day long – it’ll probably save us a few hundred quid in my breakfasts alone!

LOL. So, what’s the moral of the story here? Listen to YOUR body. Do what is right for YOU. My body is telling me it hurts when I eat all day every day.

Sometimes I forget, then my guts remind me.

So, I will delay today and try to make better choices so I ultimately FEEL better for my lovely day with my family.

I will eat foods that will sustain my energy for our 20K steps each day and I will drink lots and lots of water so I don’t mistake thirst for hunger.🤣

And I will have a wee word with that greedy hunger beast inside me and dampen his spirits with delicious coffee and herbal teas!

Pray for me! 🙏

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