Cinch guide to surviving and thriving this Christmas!

T’is the season for overindulgence with food and often alcohol and you’ve noticed your digestion is a little up the left. 😂🤮😮🤭🤭🤭

Tummy pain, Indigestion, bloating, feeling lethargic aren’t uncommon at the moment. It’s down to eating at lot more than we are used to, heavier, richer foods and of course alcohol. 

But with a few tweaks and a wee word with yourself today, we can avoid feeling like a fully stuffed turkey by 6pm tomorrow evening 😵‍💫🫣

Telling us all to eat less, is the obvious one, but I know it’s hard not to get carried away. 🫣😬

Here’s our guide for how to Cinch your Christmas Day. 

Envision the day you desire before stepping out of bed, and take in three deep breaths. Tell yourself this is the most wonderful time, steering away from stress (even if you are frazzled). You’ve got this!  

Use your affirmations in the morning & throughout the day – “I am strong” “I am organised” “I am calm” “I release any stress or negativity” Whatever feels right for you. It helps prime your brain for a busy day ahead & deal with stress in a calmer way. 

Are you feeling hard done by that you have to host & cook the entire meal for your family….AGAIN? 😏  Reframe the voice in your head from “I have to cook AGAIN” To… “I get to cook a delicious meal for my family to enjoy.” – once you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. 🥰

Start the day with a big glass of water 💦- whether it’s warm or cold, your body will thank you for the hydration. Keep sipping it all day to avoid headaches. 

Decided to pause your Intermittent Fasting for the day in exchange for Intermittent Feasting? No problem at all, a longer window doesn’t mean you ‘fell off the wagon’ – remember there is no wagon! This is a lifestyle and tomorrow you’ll be enjoying Christmas! 🎄💝 

If u have a day or evening ahead with a few drinks 🍷 on the menu try to open your window with protein and good fat (think avocado, nuts, eggs, smoked salmon, Greek yoghurt rather than doughnuts, crisps and buns, mince pies and shortbread!). Food with good fats and protein will help line the stomach, help you feel full for longer, balance the blood sugar and slow down the alcohol absorption. 

Pace yourself with your meals and savour and really enjoy each bite. Try and be mindful of what you are putting into that precious body of yours – do u really need that extra four pigs in blankets? And second helpings of everything? No need to inhale each course, then feel like a busted sofa. Take your time and enjoy it. Stop eating when you are 80% full (easier said than done). BUT…your body will thank you for it later & don’t just eat for the sake of eating.

Load up on the lean protein and lots of veggies – Turkey is a great source of lean meat, it is filled with vitamins and minerals – Try to fill up your plate with vegetables like sprouts, carrots and peas (as long as they’re not coated in butter) and go easy on the roast potatoes. Sausages wrapped in bacon, stuffing and gravy are all usually high in salt. A little is grand, however, too much salt is bad for our blood pressure and can make us thirstier, leading you to drink more alcoholic or sugary drinks than we had planned.

Alcohol- don’t get caught up in the drinking if you don’t want to. Don’t give in to family pressure. Buy an alcohol free alternative and enjoy it (keep it to yourself if you cant bare the family questions). Enjoy it in a lovely glass instead of copious amounts of alcohol which will just make the stomach even sorer, digestion harder & tomorrow duller. Even garages now sell a fab range of AF drinks of all varieties. My favs are Nosecco, AF red wine, Guinness Zero. Or why not try our Alchohol Free Blackberry Mojito cocktail here.

Get moving after your meals! A brisk walk will help your digestion; 30 minutes has been shown to lower your blood sugar 50 times more than being sedentary! Get those walking boots on. It’ll help with digestion and ease any stress or overwhelm. 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or sad, remember that it’s okay to take a break and have some quiet time for yourself. Go for a little walk, let your tears out, and remember how far you’ve come. You ARE allowed to enjoy your Christmas without any guilt. It can be so very overwhelming, and a little peace and quiet and kindness to yourself can go a long way. 

And if all else fails, remind yourself that Christmas 🤶 comes just once a year, so indulge a little but don’t let it become a month-long feast.

It’s all about balance, my friends!

If you’ve already overindulged way more than you planned, don’t be hard on yourself. January is just round the corner and that’s what we are all hear for – to support each other. 🙏💝💝💝

So, there it is. 💝

If you’ve let things slip this last while, don’t worry, it’s very normal and all is not lost!

Do what you can to help yourself feel better in these busy, stressful days. 

Make shortcuts where you can. You don’t need to make every item from scratch and leave yourself exhausted. 

This is your Christmas too, so slow down, take a breath and some time for yourself and all will be well. 💝💝💝

Wishing you all a happy and healthy Christmas Eve & Christmas Day!

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Have a wonderful break, 

Lots of love 

Angela & Nicola 


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