Disclaimer: While intermittent fasting has many proven benefits, it’s still controversial and every health professional has their own opinion on the subject. This program is written from a first-hand account of an individual who has had weight loss success from following an Intermittent Fasting lifestyle. Cinch is not a health company or a nutritional expert organisation. If you have any health condition you must speak to doctor before starting this program.  

This guide is written for adults that may benefit from intermittent fasting, it should not be substituted for health advice from a professional.

People who should NOT fast include those who are underweight or have eating disorders like anorexia, or a previous history of any eating disorder. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, and people under the age of 18. If you have Diabetes, a heart condition or any other health issue, you should speak to your doctor before embarking on this. If you are on medication for any illness you should also check with your doctor before taking part in this program.

If you have any chronic or recurring medical conditions, or are elderly, you must speak to doctor before starting this program. 


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